Feed Inventory Monitoring

SmartFarm Systems level monitoring and management system gives you the unique ability to view bulk solid or liquid tank inventories from anywhere in the world. Having the current inventory levels and daily usage of on-site bulk products will result in better management of farm equipment and man power. SmartFarm Systems level monitoring systems can be installed at farm sites, feed mills and anywhere bulk solid or liquid tank inventories need to be monitored on a regular basis. Contact us for pricing details and more information.

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Alarm Management

Our alarm system and backend software will answer all your needs and more. Unlike most alarm systems we do not just sell you a monitor. We go above and beyond our duties to protect your livestock and give you piece of mind that your farm is being protected. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and further information. Below are some of the key features that our alarm system offers, most are unmatched by any other system.

  • Alarm monitor polled multiple times daily to ensure functionality
  • No need for battery backups as our servers can tell when units are powered off
  • Text, email and phone (land line or cell) alert options
  • Ability to view and configure the alarm monitor from any device with an Internet connection
  • Up to 20 alert contacts per location
  • Ability to setup delayed contacts for backup purposes
  • Multiple user permissions for viewing and configuring the alarm units
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Livestock Performance Tracking

Our livestock inventory and performance tracking software package has many different features. This system was built for livestock owners by livestock owners. Our software package will keep track of current group inventory numbers, calculate, organize and store performance numbers and many other livestock records in a systematic and very convenient data set. Once your data is in our system you will be able to generate powerful reports. This will give you the ability to recognize trends, confirm assumptions and evaluate all performance numbers across your entire system. Here are some of the key features built into our livestock software package.

  • Group inventory numbers from placement to market
  • Movement scheduling and confirmation, for both transfers and markets
  • Mortality entry and auto mortality curves and or schedules
  • Full feed budget tracking and feed ordering with recommendations based on feed budgets and actual feed records
  • Ability to import group expenses (feed and other bills) and marketing receipts
  • Full livestock performance numbers and group summaries
  • A large number of customizable reports and the ability to schedule and email
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Mill Ordering/POS/AR Integration

Our feed mill integration software package has all the tools needed to financially manage a feed mill. Our software has the ability to send orders to the mill control software and then import the load out information to automate feed billing. This system cuts down on the amount of time needed to bill customers and track and collect payments from customers. Our solution will help streamline your feed mill operation. This software package also tracks item and recipe inventory along with lot traceability and tagging. Here are some of the key features built into our feed mill software package.

  • Full point of sales interface
  • Complete accounts receivable features
  • Web based feed ordering with data linking to your mill control software
  • Automated feed invoicing and statement generation
  • Track inventory levels and item lot information
  • A large number of customizable reports and the ability to schedule and email